MILENA baila el tango… con Ezequiel Farfaro

About a creative process

Documentary film

Scrip and Direction: Rodrigo Peiretti
Choreographers and Performers: Milena Plebs & Ezequiel Farfaro
Editing: Rodrigo Peiretti y Marcos Della Vecchia
Still Photo “Milena del Sur”: Alejandra Quiroz
Production’s Assistant: Andrés “Lolo” Llamosas
Total lenth: 90 minutes with extras.
Subttitles: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese
Extras: Biografies, Bonus Track, + Tangos, + Prácticas, Photos, Trailer, Chapters
Idea y Production: MILENA TANGO.

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This unique film in the world of tango looks into the intimacy of the creative process of its dance. The daily rehearsals, source of improvisation, exhibitions and the sensuality of two embraced bodies moving to the beat of the tango are an invitation to experience this fascinating world. The idea originated from the unfolding of work between Milena Plebs and dancer Ezequiel Farfaro and was captured by Rodrigo Peiretti’s camera. It records the gradual adjustment envolved in the formation of a tango couple, exploring the symbols of this mysterious pair dance... “Enjoyment fot the eye, a hypnotical artífice which is both passionate and creative but essentially sensual.” Claudio Minghetti, La Nación.

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