bodies that influence each other,
that act...react... communicate with each other,
in that dynamic
unfold the mutual attractions
they desire, nurture, and repel each other...
the tango,
the essence of the encounter
between two people,
allows their existence

Using the language of tango and the resources of contemporary dance, this work looks into the way men and women interrelate in the modern world by bringing into play movement, interaction of energy and complementary opposites.

Claudia Jakobsen / Ezequiel Farfaro
Cecilia García / John Galindo

Milonga dancers:
Silvia and Alfredo Alonso

Music: Astral girl representing existence (Ulises Conti) Prelude (Madre), El Tren (Diego Schissi) Ninguna (Manzi-Fernández Siro) Desde aquí (Sonia Possetti)
Stage lighting: Alejandro Cervera.
Director’s Assistant: Rodrigo Peiretti
Producer’s Assistant: Sofía Vilaro

Creation, Script and Choreographic direction by: Milena Plebs

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank the dancers for their creative contributions: Luis Tarantino, Acho Manzi, Hernán Paglia and GUARDIAVIEJA Apparel.

"Sintonías" was launched in the framework of the First Rojas Dance Festival 2008.

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Sintonías paso a paso
(Dance tunings, step by step)
A documentary film that allows the viewer to discover along with the dancers and choreographer Milena Plebs the creative process of the choreography “Dance Tunings”.
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